Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My house is a landmine

Yesterday I realized it's high time I baby-proofed my house. Up until now I haven't really thought about it because Jojo has been pretty stationary in the crawling department. She loves to walk (assisted) and pull herself up on furniture but she hasn't been crawling around the house. She does this funny army crawl, it sort of looks like that dance, the worm. In a few weeks I have no doubt she'll be doing the real crawl. As it is, last night I realized I cannot leave her alone anymore because she's mobile enough to get into things.

So I took a break from writing this to play with Jojo who just woke up from her nap....and she started crawling!!!! O.M.G. Like, real deal crawling--up on all fours, moving her arms and legs together and moving from one end of our playmat to the other. Holy shit! It just amazes me, how these little human beings have that instinct to just do. They sit up, they talk, they walk, and it's nothing we teach them. Sure, we encourage them and set up the optimal environments for that to happen but the development occurs absent from us. I certainly didn't teach her how to sit up or stand. The light bulb just clicked and she did it.  I can't believe she's crawling! When did she figure that out? During her nap? This morning she couldn't do it and now she can. Amazing! I wish us grown-ups still learned like that. Like, maybe I could try playing the piano tonight and by Friday I'd be a pro.

Okay so now I really need to baby proof the house. I saw on Bethenny Getting Married (which is where I get all my most pertinent baby info) that she had a professional babyproofer come in and examine her house (must be nice. But also, ridiculous). Anyhoo, the woman made Bethenny get down to baby level so she could see what a baby would see. Turns out, her apartment was a total danger zone. I just checked and my house is too. I think I need to get rid of all my furniture and pad my floors in gymnastic mats. More realistically, I guess I need outlet covers, foam padding for around my coffee and end tables, gates, cabinet lock thingies, toilet lock thingies, furniture straps for our book shelves...and what else? I don't have carpeting in my house, only wood floor and tiles so I'm worried about her falling and knocking her head. Is a helmet out of the question? Kidding. Sort of. I need to get myself to Babies R Us stat because Jojo.Is.Crawling.

Oh and she says Mama now too. She started that about a week ago. It's music to my ears. Wow, crawling and saying Mama. My little genius. I wonder what she'll do next week. Maybe take the bar exam. Run a marathon. The possibilities are endless.

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